Carletta initiated a motor vehicle stop of the Mini Cooper in

One thing that does make The Finest Hours a little more interesting than your usual disaster of the week movie is that Sybert and his 30 plus peers have to do more than simply wait for Webber to save them. Simply keeping half of the ship afloat is an engineering feat of Herculean proportions. While Webber and his mates deserve all the praise they received (there wouldn’t have been a movie if they failed), the guys on the tanker were just as resourceful and brave.

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cheap ray ban sunglasses Dear Rusty: A friend and I, both approaching 62 years old, were discussing Social Security the other day, and he said that they take the average of your highest 10 years of earnings to figure out what your benefit is. I told him I thought the formula is a lot more complicated than that, but he insisted he was right saying his cousin has a friend who works for Social Security. Is my friend correct? Signed: Skeptical cheap ray ban sunglasses.

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