Had we just been able to push on a little longer we wouldn

On Oct. 7, Officer Mark Reynolds responded to police headquarters to meet with a Roxbury police officer in reference to a man with active warrants out of Mount Olive. The man, Christopher Gonzalez, 27, of Budd Lake, had two active warrants totaling $2,272.

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cheap oakley sunglasses Randall Bolton, 31, faces four charges after storming the court with 7:59 left in the first half. He went between the Ladybirds dancers and near Miami players as they circled on the court before several Louisville Metro Police Department officers quickly chased Bolton down, with one tripping the man before others subdued him near midcourt. No one was injured.. cheap oakley sunglasses

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fake oakleys Was 13 years old and called him an ape, I’m 21 and didn realize the actual meaning of ape, its been blown way out of proportion people are so sensitive these days. They need to take a step back and possibly just offer more education on it rather than causing such a drama, that 13 year old girl will now be victimized because of everyone reactions especially the media. Arnold, 18 fake oakleys.

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