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The bad: In 1945, there were 41 people working for every American receiving Social Security benefits. By 2030, there will be two workers for every American receiving Social Security and Medicare benefits. If any issue needs a president to “bend the arc of history,” it is this one.

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replica ray ban sunglasses “Rock of Ages” is a rock ‘n’ roll fable set in a magical kingdom in a land far, far away: Sunset Strip in the 1980s. If you weren’t born yet, or you were under a rock and don’t know a song called “Don’t Stop Believing,” then all the more reason to go see The Castaway Players’ production of “Rock of Ages” at the Rhinebeck Center for the Performing Arts.The Castaways have pulled out all the stops in staging this ribald send up of everything ’80s, inspired by some of the era’s most ironic rock songs and power ballads. It’s a wild, highly creative, gorgeously sung celebration of exuberant youth, the pursuit of dreams and the rocky road of romance.The Hudson Valley, home grown vocal talents on display are AWESOME; Henry George Staats III, Caira Assante, and Sean Matthew Whiteford especially grab the spotlight and shine for all they’re worth. replica ray ban sunglasses

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fake ray bans I’m stuck with my father’s long, thick eyebrows and the deep lines between them. I could probably kill him if I wanted to sure strong enough I can erase my mother from my memory. But there’s no way to erase the DNA they passed down to me. But the machine watching my brain notices the lull, decides I can handle more, and drops a new drone in the south east corner of the map.The software is keeping my brain in a state of full focus known as flow fake ray bans, or being “in the zone”. Too little work, and the program notices my attention start to flag and gives me more drones to handle. If I start to become a frazzled air traffic controller, the computer takes one of the drones off my plate, usually without me even noticing.The system monitors the workload by pulsing light into my prefrontal cortex 12 times a second fake ray bans.

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