So she grabbed some old buttons and lace from her closet and

While knitting a long scarf one night, Gibb of Amherst ran out of yarn. So she grabbed some old buttons and lace from her closet and decided to create something new a short, ornate scarf her husband nicknamed a scarflet. We love their warmth, adjustable fit and unique style.

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replica snapbacks So, the next time you come across a pattern in a knitting book or magazine or on Ravelry that you think looks “boring” stop for a moment and think about it. Is it the color you find boring? How about the style? Try imagining it in another color or with the addition or deletion of elements that you think might suit you better, then go ahead and make it your way. You can’t change the entire industry, or how knitwear designers create their patterns or how they are marketed to the knitting public just because you’re not seeing enough of the kinds of things you like. replica snapbacks

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