You shouldn’t waste precious space writing full sentences

Bulleted lists are fine. You shouldn’t waste precious space writing full sentences. Include details such as your dissertation topic and particulars about your publications and papers. A large epidemiological study of Muslims with diabetes in 13 Muslim countries (n=12914) the EPIDIAR study showed that 43% of patients with type 1 and 79% of those with type 2 diabetes fasted during Ramadan.3As the month of Ramadan follows the lunar calendar, the fasting month is brought forward by about 10 days each year, which means that over time the season in which Ramadan falls changes. For the next decade Ramadan will fall in the summer in the northern hemisphere. As daylight hours vary considerably between summer and winter months in non equatorial countries, the length of the fast (which lasts from dawn to sunset) increases in the summer (to about 16 20 hours).

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